Design a Logo for Free with Online Logo Maker app


Want to design your logo for free in minutes? If yes, then you are on the exact post! We all know that a logo will help us in building a powerful identity in the minds of people as it grabs the attention in the first look and will work as the front face of the business concept. That’s why behind a successful and popular brand, there is a hand of a logo. Well, whether you need a logo for a business, brand, YouTube channel, or for anything else you will always need a reliable platform to fulfill your requirements. In today’s post, we are going to learn about the top free online logo maker apps that will enable you to create perfect and eye-catching logos in minutes. So, let’s have a look without any pauses!

Top Best Logo Maker Apps

When you search for the best online logo maker apps on Google, you will come across hundreds of apps, and it will be difficult for you to choose the right one! Yes, it might be a hard struggle, but you guys don’t need to be worried about anything because we have already confirmed and mentioned the best logo maker apps in this article. Read along to learn about the apps!

Following are the top online apps of 2020: –

  • Logo Maker- Free Graphic Design and Logo Templates.
  • Canva.
  • Logo Maker Plus.
  • Palette.
  • Z mobile logo Maker.

Let’s discuss each in detail so that we can understand which online app can fulfill our requirements.

  1. Logo Maker – Free Graphic Design and Logo Templates

It is the most popular and trusted android app to design logos for free. It is a handy online logo maker app with multifunctional and smart techniques that can fulfill all your business needs. It can design fresh and eye-catching logos in minutes. This app is not only enabling you to make free logos, but also providing a facility to make business cards, invites, slogans, monograms, and banners. This app is also known as a YouTube logo maker as it can design customize logos for your YouTube channels.

Moreover, this app is accessible on every device and is simple to use as it doesn’t require any lengthy procedures. Just follow the simple steps, and design your logo now: –

  • The first step, install this Free Logo Maker developed by Content Arcade Apps.
  • The next step, choose your categories.
  • Now, start designing your logo on your own.
  • Last step crop and save. Simple!
  1. Canva

It is another popular online app that is enabling its user’s various features to design a perfect logo. This app offers two choices, one – customize the logo in a blank canvas, second – import an existing design. Also, this app is providing a bunch of templates, fonts styles, themes, icons, and much more. This logo maker android free is superb and simple to use. So why spend money on others if Canva is here!

Note: It is free to use app that contains almost all features that are bringing ease to your life. However, you can also buy a monthly or a yearly version for a better experience.

  1. Logo Maker Plus

It is another online app that is well known for its wonderful techniques. It is providing a complete package of editing for free. You can play with colors, icons, graphics, and templates. This app offers you a bunch of attractive colored and transparent backgrounds. Moreover, it can be used on Android devices for free. With the help of this Logo Maker Plus, you can be an expert or a magician who can create a logo in just one click! 

  1. Palette

It is another free logo maker that is specially built for making your business successful. Palette is an expert that designs fancy logos in minutes. This interesting online app is amazing as it can do many things at a time. It is providing a huge collection of categories, icons, fonts styles, stock images, themes, colors, backgrounds and much more. Also, it gives us suggestions that will help you to design a better and eye-catching logo for your business. So, Pallet is a good online app if you want to design attractive and powerful logos.

  1. Z mobile logo maker

Last in order, but not of importance! This Logo Maker online app is an excellent platform for creating the best free logos. It is a quick and easy to use app that allows you to begin with a blank canvas then customize the logo according to your taste. Includes a bunch of various elements such as overlays, themes, textures, filters, 3D rotations, 100+ fonts, 95+ backgrounds, and images. Moreover, it offers both a paid and free version. However, you can use it for free on your android phone easily. But, if it is offering a premium version, then there must be something special in it.

Final Thoughts

After reading this three minutes article, you guys will be able to realize which app can design a perfect logo for free for you. So, what are you waiting for? Create a perfect logo and start grabbing people’s attention now.