Armed Woman Shouting “Tuli Mu Struggle” Cyber Bullies Bebe Cool With an AK47


Streets all over the country, highways and several roads have today been embroiled in protests following the arrest of opposition leader of NUP, Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine and other members of the opposition.

The protests were an expression of a demand for the release of Bobi Wine from police custody after he was arrested for what the police is describing as committing acts likely to infect people, a penal offence.

Protesters used the same cover of the demonstration to hurl threats at pro NRM supporters, including those directed towards Moses Ssali.

Singer Bebe Cool alias Moses Sali was cyber bullied by a yet to be identified woman who was clad in a red (the symbolic color for people power) scarf, screaming the slogan “Tuli Mu Struggle”, a slogan popular amongst NUP/People Power supporters.

The video making rounds on social media was sent to Beb Cool today.

“This video was sent to me by someone threatening me” he posted on his Facebook page, and goes on to state that he has forwarded the video to security agencies to scrutinise and assess the level of threat being posed by the armed woman.

The woman is seen holding an AK47 and playfully aiming it towards what might be interpreted to be a virtual Bebe Cool, while saying tuli mu struggle and other undiscernible mumbles.

The artist is specifically being attacked because of his involvement and unrelenting support for the incumbent, HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his party, NRM. He is currently on the President’s trail in northern and eastern part of the country, soliciting for votes to  secure a victory for the incumbent. He is also using #SecureYourFuture on several of his socials to conduct the said campaigns.

Bebe Cool also used the moment to ask Ugandans to vote for the President and the candidates of his party NRM.

“This kind of hooliganism must not be tolerated in Uganda” he said, adding that Ugandans “#SecureYourFuture and vote for NRM candidates. He urged voters to “vote experience not age, vote issues not years” and sealed the post with the #SilentMajority hashtag.