Effective Business Marketing Strategies in 2020

Woman sipping a cup of coffee while working

The methods companies use to reach new customers are continually evolving. With the advent of social media, changes to email accounts, a new class of celebrities, and strategies to engage affiliates, advertising is more complicated than ever.

Choosing the right way to reach more eyes is essential. Consider a few of the following examples.

Social Networks and Platforms

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter engage with an estimated 2.7 billion users. It’s the most massive audience on the planet. An online presence is vital for almost any business. To maximize your company’s reach, make sure it has a profile on at least one or two of the most popular social media platforms.

Many websites offer built-in advertising. While effective, it’s quite costly. If your business has some room in the budget, consider giving it a try.

Other methods can draw in a crowd, but they’re less straightforward and require significant effort on your part. Members at Click Intelligence say that ‘working with a digital marketing team can save you a lot of busy work and greatly improve your online ad campaign.’


Many people make a name for themselves on platforms like Twitch. Live streaming has many benefits for companies that need to promote goods or services. A factor that many people overlook is that feeds or videos from individual creators come off as more honest and direct than an advertisement.

If an influencer uses your service or product while in touch with an audience, there’s a strong chance that viewers will consider doing the same.

Affiliate Program

If you want to motivate a content creator, you can offer an affiliate program rather than pay them a lump sum for product placement. This type of plan provides a creator with a code or reference link. Every time a person uses the URL or specific digits, the influencer gets a cut.

Email Marketing

Advertising via email is tricky. It’s vital, though, as it usually has a higher conversion rate than other methods. However, it’s a fragile process, and mistakes are very costly.

A company that reaches its audience via email has a better chance of getting users to take action. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Curated content for each user
  • User-specific discounts
  • Unique offers and bonuses
  • Links a company wants to populate

One benefit stands out the most. User-specific discounts are stellar. You’ve likely heard of or seen discounts and sales available on different websites. What if, though, you could offer promotions to only a portion of your customers.

If you notice a spending trend in a percentage of your users, you can capitalize on this without risking losses with the rest of your buyers. Imagine enticing a portion of people to fork out less than the average price for your service while the rest make standard purchases.

This marketing method activates a part of your audience that otherwise would switch to another company’s offers. At the same time, your typical buyers don’t spend less because the promotion or discount isn’t available to them. This strategy is excellent for campaigns seeking more engagement from a currently inactive group of previous customers.

Don’t Panic

These techniques might seem a bit complicated or intimidating. Don’t worry, though, because they’re easier to implement than you think. In the worst-case scenario, you can ask for some help and put a third party in charge of your marketing. You can start appealing to a broader audience right away.