The iPod 6th Generation is here.


This is For all the music lovers.
Apple has really taken long to revamp their iPod line.  The 6G has finally come after a period of 3 years. As you would expect, this moves with the latest functionality that is packed in the iPhone, iPad and Apple watch.


This beast of a music player has Apple music streaming straight out of the box. Primary and front facing camera.  The front facing camera is able to take burst shots and 120 FPS slow-mo filming, people are really taking selfies seriously of late.  The 6G has more gaming ability.  Where the 5G spends minutes to push through a given number of pixels, the 6G cuts through them like a hot knife in butter. This is all powered by the A8 processor it is rocking compared to the 5G’s A5. All current Apple devices are running on A8 processor with exceptions of the Apple TV. The RAM has gotten bigger from 512MB to 1GB. This will enable iOS 9 and 10 compatibility for the next 3 years at most. The Audio quality through headphones will be similar to all the other Apple devices since the audio chip-set is the same.

ipod-touch-avalable colors
ipod-touch-avalable colors

The 6G having more processing going on will rock a slightly bigger 1043 mAh battery than the 5G’s 1030 mAh but having the same battery endurance.
The iPod 6G will be available in 6 colors; silver, space grey, gold, red, a deeper shade of blue and pink.

Almost unnoticeable in the pocket it comes in a 6.1mm thick and only 88grams. The 4 inch screen gives it a one handed-operation. Despite the screen being an 1136 x 640, Apple stubbornly chooses retina 360 pixel display over HD. This means the images are sharper with more detail but not at the iPhone Level. The A8 in the iPod Touch is under-clocked to 1.1 GHz, that allows for an increased yield on the A8 manufacturing, again lowering Apple’s bill of materials on the device. The biggest feature for me is the family group in iClould where an app or song can be bought once and made available to all other members of the group at no extra cost.

ipod-touch-on hand-opartion
ipod-touch-one hand-opartion

The cons here are that the back thingy for attaching a strap is no more, then design-wise, the 6G and 5G look no much different.  The iPod 6G does not have an auto brightness sensor as the iPhone so it’s best you keep the Brightness at a higher level so as to cope with indoor and outdoor light or just get used to working with the slider in the quick settings panel already. GPS was also tweaked out although the functionality of wi-fi compensates for that. The vibration motor is also not present.
The fingerprint sensor is also not available which means no TouchID which rules out Apple pay and authorizing downloads from iTunes using fingerprint.


These beauties are already on market so you can already get an upgrade in your music wardrobe from trusted Apple resellers around town. It’s also not a crime to import one or buy one online.

Most low cost iPhones have all the functionality this media player has. The only question is whether you really need an iPod since Apple knows its market pretty well.
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