East Africa Facing Slow Internet Speeds Following Sub-Sea Fiber Cuts

SEACOM Fibre map

Internet users across East Africa experienced sluggish internet speeds on Sunday due to a significant sub-sea fibre cut that triggered internet outages and disruptions in the region.

Multiple internet service providers (ISPs) in East Africa, along with South Africa, faced disruptions following the damage to the submarine cable.

Network providers assured users that efforts were underway to restore a stable internet connection. Safaricom, a leading regional telecom company, acknowledged the issue and activated redundancy measures to mitigate service interruptions while awaiting full restoration of the cable.

Liquid Telecom’s Group Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Ben Roberts, confirmed faults in the Eastern Africa Submarine Cable System (EASSy) and the Seacom cables. He noted that all sub-sea capacity between East Africa and South Africa was affected, with faults identified in the EASSy Cable and ongoing observations of faults in the Seacom Cable.

Additionally, Roberts highlighted unrepaired cuts in three other critical submarine cables in the Red Sea: Seacom, EIG, and AAE1.