Google’s Gemini Chatbot May Adopt a Valuable Feature from ChatGPT


Google may soon introduce a “Memories” feature to its AI chatbot Gemini, aimed at enhancing user interaction and personalization.

Gemini, Google’s AI chatbot, already boasts the capability to fetch real-time information from various Google apps through its Extensions feature. However, one limitation users face is Gemini’s inability to remember past interactions and preferences, requiring them to repeat information during subsequent conversations.

The upcoming “Memory” feature seeks to address this limitation by enabling Gemini to retain user details and preferences over time. With Memories, users can engage with Gemini without the need for repetitive input, as the chatbot will leverage past conversations to provide relevant and personalized responses.

Leaked screenshots suggest that the Memories feature will allow Gemini to progressively learn more about users, further improving the relevance and usefulness of its interactions. This development marks a significant step forward for Gemini, potentially revolutionizing the way users engage with AI-powered chatbots.

Interestingly, the concept of memory recall in AI chatbots is not entirely new. OpenAI’s ChatGPT already offers a similar feature, demonstrating the growing trend towards personalized and intuitive AI interactions.

In addition to Memories, Google is also reportedly working on a feature called “Gems,” which will enable users to customize Gemini according to their specific preferences and requirements. This customization capability aims to provide users with a more tailored and personalized chatbot experience.

Overall, the introduction of Memories and Gems represents Google’s commitment to advancing the capabilities of its AI chatbot Gemini. With these new features on the horizon, users can expect a more seamless, personalized, and efficient interaction with Gemini in the near future.