Apple Set to Utilize Its Own Processors for AI Cloud Servers


Apple is set to revolutionize cloud AI services by leveraging its own processors, as revealed in a recent Bloomberg report. Dubbed ACDC (Apple Chips in Data Centers), this project signifies Apple’s bold venture into the realm of cloud-based artificial intelligence. While the forthcoming iOS 18 and macOS 15 prioritize on-device processing, the demand for advanced AI capabilities necessitates the deployment of robust server infrastructure.

Initiated three years ago, Apple’s plan to utilize its own chips for cloud infrastructure has gained momentum, driven by the urgency to introduce cutting-edge AI features to the market swiftly. The project is set to kick off with the deployment of M2 Ultra processors as AI server chips, with future upgrades slated for chips based on the M4 series.

Apple’s approach involves leveraging on-device processing for simpler AI tasks, safeguarding user privacy by keeping sensitive data on their iPhones. However, more complex AI tasks, such as image generation and email composition, will harness the power of cloud resources. While an upgraded version of Siri may utilize cloud processing, routine tasks are expected to remain on-device.

Initially, Apple will utilize its own data centers for the project, potentially expanding to incorporate third-party data centers, similar to its iCloud infrastructure. Expect further insights into Apple’s AI endeavors at the upcoming WWDC event.