Hellofood is now the most credible source for restaurant, food and cuisine Information in Uganda


Hellofood Uganda has all calibers of restaurants on its portal, hence giving it access to all relevant, reliable and current food and cuisine information in the country, information such as current trends of food culture, desired cuisines and food recipes.

Hellofood is currently the leading and largest online food delivery marketplace in Uganda, which offers a platform for the people that make food to sell to those that want to eat and buy the food, a convenient, secure and easy-to-use platform to find or list restaurants/food online. Hellofood is also able to offer the most comprehensive picture of the food market in Uganda. The portal looks to have both the food or restaurant enthusiast and the aspirational viewer that looks to invest in restaurant and food industry in Uganda.

Ron Kawamara, Managing Director of Hellofood Uganda, said; “Hellofood is glad to be a credible source for all restaurant and food related information in the market, because that is one of the company’s core values. As the portal offers a one stop place for all that is food related, with all aspects on offer in the market, such all the global cuisines present in the market, access to the many chefs that prepare the meals and all players in the hospitality and food industry in the country.”

He added that Hellofood already has a global presence through hellofood/Foodpanda global, thus making it have the capability to blend all information from the global perspective and then incorporate it into the Uganda market trends. Therefore hellofood keeps accumulating the relevant data any stakeholder would require to make an informed and right decision in terms of food industry, such as what cuisines are most popular, where to start a restaurant, how to serve customers better and this was exhibited through the Kampala Restaurant Awards (KRA) that were hosted by Hellofood and its partners.  

“Therefore the company plans to continue providing all the necessary information to all stakeholders, so as to help them make the best decisions on any matters regarding to food in Uganda,” Kawamara said.