Victoria Nyanzi Set to Launch Mentorship Community for African Girls


For the past few days now, social media fanatics in Uganda especially those on LinkedIn have been on a wave after Victoria Nyanzi announced the launch of her girls mentorship community dubbed ‘The African Sisters Network‘. The African Sisters Network is a mentorship community dedicated to empowering African girls tell their stories boldly while connecting them to resources and opportunities to thrive.

For the past 15 months, Victoria has been actively creating content on different social media platforms but especially on Linkedin. Writing about so many different topics, she started off sharing her knowledge and tips in resume writing, LinkedIn profile optimisation and career development. Towards the end of last year, she niched down to personal branding after completing a three months Personal Brand training from Image Group International.

Victoria is a renowned Marketing and PR consultant, personal branding coach and LinkedIn Visibility coach.

“At the age of 17, I was scribbling around, writing what I would call books, articles or movie scripts. I vividly recall, I had books with movie scripts written from the introduction to “Fin”. And in between 19 to 23, while still on my journey of self discovery, I tried so many different things like acting and pageantry….Yes!! 24 to 27 was another hurricane with me moving from one job to the other, from banking to E-commerce, marketing agencies, events management and so much more. It’s now that I learn that I was simply trying to find alignment and purpose,” Victoria said.

“My life journey in the past decade has been filled with trials and errors, doing, undoing and redoing. Not until the age of 28 when I finally discovered myself and my true potential. It’s then that I changed the narrative and took charge of my story. Let’s say, I started to write my story. So while I turn 30 this year, I thought to myself that why not create a community where I can get to support and mentor not one, not two but a number of African girls, and teach them how to tell their stories,” she added.

Victoria believes that there are many (A) player African girls out there that have the courage and capacity to do much more but lack a helping hand / support to show them the right direction. She says she wouldn’t want them to wake up at 28 like she did, maybe it will be too late for them, maybe they might never wake up.

Through storytelling, community-building, and resource access, she strives to foster a culture of empowerment, resilience, and solidarity among African girls, enabling them to embrace their identities, share their voices, and pursue their dreams.

Her mission is to create a mentorship community where African girls can connect, learn, and grow together. The community will provide comprehensive support through coaching programs, career guidance, resume writing assistance, career designing workshops, opportunity sourcing, scholarship opportunities, and much more. She strives to equip African girls with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in their personal and professional lives while being the authors of their stories.

Her vision is a continent where every African girl is empowered to realise her full potential, contribute meaningfully to her community and society, and shape her own future with confidence and determination. 

For more information about the community, feel free to check out their different social media platforms;

LinkedIn: The African Sisters Network

Instagram: @the_africansistersnetwork

Twitter: @africansisters_

TikTok: @africansisters_