Airtel’s Rise & Surf VS Mtn’s 1 minute: who wakes us up better?


In this knockout edition we take a look at MTN Uganda’s and Airtel’s recently launched promotions that targeted to the early risers.

MTN started with its One Minute promotion that gives customers a free minute minute from 6 to 9pm. Airtel on the other hand later launched a ‘Rise & Surf’ package that gives subscribers 100Mb valid between 6am and 8pm.

So to find out which promotion is the best we shall group this knockout into rounds.

First punch;
We will credit MTN for being the pioneer in this fight. It threw the first punch by launching its Good Morning Uganda campaign. We will have to find out if the first punch hurt the most.

The Motormouth;
Here we will look at who promoted their promotion the most. MTN took to print, TV, and its amazing radio AD with the rasta voice.
On the otherside airtel sent out Texts and their were minimal print ads and Advertising was done mainly through texts but trust me the way the message was spread was really fast. Ask campusers you will see.

Seriously a minute is not that important unless your house went on fire at 6am. You might end up using more airtime thinking your minute of free talk and besides who do you call at such an hour, chances of ruining their final dreams.
Buy think about how sweet it is to catch up with the latest news, visit GURU8 and notifications from your data hungry smartphone as you wake up. Remember 100Mb will last the entire 2 hours and just in case you are or posses those teenage habits of looking and using your smartphone begore you get out of bed this is the real deal. This is the time to get all those Whatsapp messages you missed when your data bundle ran out.
Yeah an download, use or update those big apps free of charge.
Airtel nailed this one.

Much as you will enjoy rise & surf you might get disses based on the last seen feature on some apps like Whatsapp that show (last seen 8:00am) but you will have enjoyed the mbs.
On the other hand a minute is so lame imagine it got over while vibing that chic you have a crush on, Lame! But the MTN ads says it all, we like the Radio ad is seems to have the swag. (Mi ren awayy!)

Blood in the ring;
The collateral damage caused by these promotions include using more MTN airtime when your free minute ends.
On the other hand checking you data balance in the middle of the day on Airtel and seeing 125mb might mislead your consumption thinking you have a lot of Mbs yet the 100 only applies to rise and surf.

Referees’ Decision;
Airtel knocked wins the match by Knockout in terms of practicality and usability.
So Rise and surf woke us up better.