The iPhone 5S fingerprint ‘Touch ID’ scanner & Teenagers!


Apple just rolled out a set of new ‘toys’ with the popular S version of its iPhone, much as the iPhone 5S had a few things we might question, and others we shall dearly love, its an amazing phone just the right teenager who can afford it now or perhaps later and for those whose parents are willing to get their teenager’s hands on the new iPhone 5S will change the trend of smartphone usage by teenagers.
Remember teens don’t want anyone else reading the fluttery in their inbox or whatsapp or see the huge ‘secrets’ on their phones.

Now Apple has given them the power of security, so the eye snooping parents will have to go through a bigger hustle while trying to get thier fingers and eyes through the phones of their adolescents.
Lets an example i cant leave my phone next to my parents no matter what even when its locked because of all the texts, notifications and other things on the phone. But now teens might actually leave their iPhones on the table to catch a movie or something because you just can’t unlock them, unless you force them to add you to the trusted 5 which i highly doubt.

Parents might try to pursue their teens to actually grant them access, a process most of us know doesn’t go on well. However friends might get onto the trusted contacts especially for girls who are more open to share just about anything with thier BFFs.

Teens are known to also be just a little careless during those moments when their fingers arent tapping the screens of thier phones, this has resulted in snatching of their precious possessions from them, some lose their phones to the jealous kids who don’t actually own iPhones, this will become difficult however it wont stop. Previously someone could see you unlock pin as you entered it into your phone by starring behind you and just in case he stole it, the phone could easily be unlocked and sold. Now the thieves have to think a little wiser. Just in case your teenage son or daughter loses their iPhone 5S, tracking is definitely going to be an easier task because no body else will be able to unlock it.

Worry less teenagers, because as you take selfies, or text dirty or show off you retro-theme iPhone 5S cover to your friends, haters and competition you won’t be worried about anyone going through your phone or getting stolen, unless your finger is cut off. However you will need a tonne of savings to get your hands on one of those silver, white or gold ‘babies’.

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