Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 11 Release Preview for Windows 7


Much as most people didn’t like Internet Explorer a lot, Microsoft made Internet explorer 11 which is definitely better than IE 10 or 8 that was on windows 7. Previously windows 11 was available on windows 8 and windows 8.1 preview and to developer of windows 7 a few months ago

And now Microsoft has shown us that the final Internet Explorer update to IE 11 is going to happen soon though the date for the release of the stable version hasn’t officially been announced.

Well expect faster speeds in the new version of windows IE 11, and according to Sunspider, Internet Explorer  improved its average speed score by 7ms, from 144ms.

Internet Explorer also borrowed a leaf from other browsers to add several developer tools like DOM Explorer, Console that enable you edit the CSS of a website live. Other enhancements like Networking that create an always active connection by always refreshing from the server.

Do you feel like making a change to Internet Explorer or want something changed, feel free to contribute your feedback on Connect which is a platform for feedback on Microsoft services.