Cyanogen gets $7M funding, aims at building a better version of Android!


Remember the company that makes the alternative rom for your android phone called, Cyanogen? Probably yes. The software company that started as a personal venture to create an alternative ROM for android phones has today announced that it has raised 7 million dollars from Benchmark Capital and Redpoint Ventures.

Cyanogen Mod has more than 8 million users, users who have endured the difficult and risky processes of changing their phone firmware. I must way installing Cyanogen Mod softwares on your android phones isn’t the easiest to install, however the benefits are worth the risk, because your phone gets additional features, some ROMs are said to be faster and better looking.

“the company’s free open-source replacement firmware, has more than 8 million users -CEO Kirt McMaster “

The money raised by Cyanogen has enabled them hire a team of 17 highly skilled developers, they have been working on a more user friendly installation process by creating and improving their one-click install app on windows, to cater for the non-techies.

They plan to re-brand next year and create their own operating system which is based on traditional android and the good part is the promise to keep their firmware free. The company did not discuss how they intend to make capital,

“It’s not just about building a user base. It’s about building great services you can’t get anywhere else – McMaster”

Cyanogen has a long journey to make installing custom firmware user friendly! We cannot be certain that Google Apps like Google Play, Gmail, Youtube that are not open-source and are owned by Google will get blocked or not, because they are not open source. Google hasn’t commented on these developments yet.

Source: The Verge