Google buys ‘Bump,’ the most awesome way to share data between phones!


Google just bought a start up company called ‘Bump“, Bump is an app that enables one to share data from one phone to another by literally bumping the phones together. Bump users can share contacts, photos, photos, files, apps by letting the phones bump. Bump also lets users sync their phones even with their computers by bumping their phones with the space bar.

Just in case you are wondering, Bump doesn’t use NFC call it ‘Near Field Communication’ which might have seemed as the ovious technology used for the transfer, this has made bump accessible on almost any android and iOS phone. This has been a rather cool way to transfer data between phones on both Android and iOS.

What Bump actually uses is the app that’s running on your smartphone and a smart-matching algorithm running on Bump cloud servers. The matching algorithm basically gets all bumps from all phones with the app and pairs up the 2 phones with same bump hence sharing the data.

“Bump and Flock will continue to work as they always have for now; stay tuned for future updates. – David Lieb, CEO Bump”

Bump wasn’t the regular start up because it managed to reach a successful 60 million downloads in 2011, however it just didn’t generate enough revenue compared to the popularity of the app. Bump also built a photo sharing app known as Flock, Bump managed to make just under $20 million in its existence.

According to a blog post by Bump, both Bump and Flock will remain active for now.