Apple is now the most Valuable Company!


According to an annual report from InterBrand, this is a corporate identity and brand consulting company owned by Omnicom Group. Since 2000, InterBrand has been compiling an annual report it calls the ‘Best Global Brands Report’. A report which has ranked Apple as the Most valuable brand of 2013, a position previously held by Coca-Cola which has slid down to the third position.

Apple has really achieved a lot by being in first place because this is the first year Coca-Cola hasn’t been Number 1. Interbrand’s Chief Executive Jez Frampton was quoted to have said, “What is it they say, ‘Long live the king?” he then said “This year, the King is Apple.”  Interbrand’s Frampton said that it was a matter of time, for Apple to reach the top spot in an earlier interview with NYT. Let’s remember that Apple was in the 2nd spot after climbing from the 8th position in 2011.

The report estimated the value of Apple’s brand at $98.3 billion which is a 12% increment from last year, it also shows an increase in Coca-Cola’s brand by 2% which however wasn’t enough to keep its place as the ‘king’ of the most valuable brands, Coca-Cola was in fact the 3rd most valuable brand with Google rising to the 2nd position. Tech business giant IBM is now the 4th most valuable brand.

Frampton had this to say about Apple’s being ranked number 1. “Coca-Cola is an efficient, outstanding brand marketer, no doubt about it,” Frampton said “Apple and other leading technology brands has become very much the poster child of the marketing community.”
Much as Apple and Coca-Cola were the main talk of the report, let’s look at how other ‘Popular’ Tech brands faired. Microsoft remained in the 5th position just like last year, Samsung rose to the 8th and took up Intel’s previous position which was 8th last year, and Intel is now in the 9th position. Struggling Blackberry has disappeared from the list a drop from her 93 position last year. Yeah, the list ranks the top 100 Best Brand companies; Nokia was the ‘biggest faller’ after dropping down 38places to the 57thposition.

There you have it, the list of the most Valuable Global brands. Apple needs to pop the champagne after unseating Coca-Cola from her top position. Google also has a big reason to celebrate

Source: NYT, InterBrand