Hey! Its now possible to edit your Post on Facebook!


Previously, Facebook only let us edit our comments, a service that has been running for about a year now, however when you update your status and it happens to have a mistake, or error the only way solution was to get rid of the post by deleting it. However just like comment editing your friends will be able to see all the edits you have made to your status, i must say its better than having a status you can not change.

This update has been seen in android, those with developer preview accounts for the Facebook app were able to experience this, Now the Google Play update changelog has shown the feature.  Now every android user should be able to get this update.

Lets remember that most of facebook’s updates roll out gradually to all users just like Timeline, Newsfeed and GraphSearch. Its now on Android, web users might wait but iOS may definately get the update soon.

Post Updated at: 23:54pm