Google Improves Search as it turns 15


The ‘teen old’ search engine whose capabilities are higher than its age, if Google was a person, they would be celebrating their 15th birthday which is a time most teenagers are at a confused time of their life.

However Google is quite amazing today, Google is celebrating 15 years of amazing services, with the oldest being its Search engine. Someone needs to sing them a birthday song. Google has decided to share its cake with us by realising a improved Search algorithm. It has given us a card UI for search results. Google has promised to roll out improvements as it stated in a tweet

In the latest version of the Google Search App for iOS and Android, not only can you say your question out loud, but your search app can speak your answer right back to you. And, using Google’s Knowledge Graph, your search app gives you smarter answers loud and clear.

Google is attempting to keep pace with the evolution of Internet usage because search queries are getting more complicated & traditional “Boolean” or keyword-based systems have begun deteriorating because of the need to match concepts and meanings in addition to words. Google has introduced ‘Hummingbird’, “Hummingbird” is the company’s effort to match the meaning of queries with that of documents on the Internet, said Singhal from the Menlo Park garage where Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin conceived their now-ubiquitous search engine.

“You should not be spending your time searching, you should be spending your time living,” said Singhal.

Google also announced an improved search app on iOS that brings card UI from events and apps from searches. Google has also given us a feel of its first search engine in 1998. You can experience search results as they appeared in the year Google was founded.

We shall keep you posted on Google’s improvements throughout its BirthDay!