Twendele: Another ground breaking app from Kola Studios


For starters, Kola Studios is a Ugandan mobile software company that specializes in the development of games. Comprised of a team of four

Twendele in action
Twendele in action

dedicated and self driven hardworking individuals; Okalany Daniel (lead programmer), Zed Jasper Onono (Game Engine Programmer), Karungi “Terry” Theresa (Production Manager) and Acellam Guy (Artificial Intelligence Programmer), Kola Studios is out there to make an impression on the Ugandan software market. They have released a couple of other games including Zwod, Tapt, Walls and the famous Matatu. Where do they do all this magic from? Well, they are based at OutBox Hub, an innovation hub in Uganda.

Twendele, their latest release is the ultimate solution to F.O.M.O,which is Fear Of Missing Out. Most times, we tend to get lost in this digital age of information explosion. There are very many events going on and most times we wonder where to go or better where to meet up with our friends and have a good time. So, with Twendele, you are never lost. It is available for free download for both Android smartphones and iPhones

“Twendele at an instant will tell you where your friends and everyone else is planning to go. You will be able to feel the excitement and energy of a place even before you arrive. There is nothing more fun than being in the company of friends.” –Kola Studios

As Ugandan Software developers begin to make a mark in the industry, we shall be right there to give you all the latest updates.