Google Glass: Explorer Edition first look

Google Glass
Google Glass

The Google Glass is a very simple neatly designed piece of eyewear. It is beautiful and elegant well, according to us. The most noteworthy being the plastic-backed titanium band that sweeps around and forms the frame. It’s a single piece that grows thinner in the middle and thicker on the edges, looking simple from a distance and strongly defining the overall look though, Google Glass is no more or less uncomfortable to wear than your average pair of glasses. The overly flexible nature of the band means it can be a bit tricky to put on without using both hands, but once positioned properly, it manages to be quite comfortable on both large and small heads, well, after sometime of getting used to it.

Google Glass can and will fit over most eyeglasses, but rarely will it do so comfortably due to the fact that very little is adjustable in Glass. You can modify the wake angle (how far back you must tilt your head for the display to pop on) and enable or disable head detection, which automatically turns off the headset if you remove it. That’s about it. You can’t adjust volume levels or display brightness, can’t disable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth as both appear to be always on and also can’t re-arrange the application cards in the interface or set their priority, can’t modify the default screen timeout length and you can’t enable a silent or do not disturb mode, though it could be argued that simply taking Glass off serves the same purpose.

When Google Glass was first introduced, many made the assumption that it would be wholly dependent on a smartphone particularly, Android powered to function. As it turns out, that’s not the case. The thing can function quite happily with a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth data connection even if that data is coming through an iPhone! Making it a fully independent device. This means you can leave your phone behind and walk around anywhere with Wi-Fi without losing connection. Much more is anticipated as more improvements are being made to the Google Glass and we shall be glad to bring you the updates.