Samsung Galaxy S4: What you need to know!

Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S4

SAMSUNG is the world’s largest chip maker because it has the highest number of manufacturing plants in the world. Also, it is the largest “customer” of the Android Operating System by Google. The company is widely known for being the favorable competitor of Apple, the makers of the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac computers. SAMSUNG and Apple are the only two companies that have made a record of being profitable since the year 2007, the rest of the companies have incurred losses along the way.

The Galaxy S4, is the flagship smartphone of SAMSUNG for the year 2013 and was released before the iPhone so as to give it a head start in the smartphone market. When the S4 was announced earlier this year, it became the talk of the media for quite some time to the extent of forcing Apple to change its homepage to Apple iPhone 5. The Galaxy S4’s major success so far relies on the fact that it is packed with an array of new features that have a wow effect.

At first sight, the S4 looks a little bigger and this is due to the wider screen now measuring 5 inches. It is 7.9mm thin with a premium finish that makes it easy to handle in one hand. The screen features Samsung’s super AMOLED (Amorphous Light Emitting Diode) technology which enables the user to view high contrast colors at any viewing angle and with 441ppi (Points Per Inch), the screen is of a very high resolution and it comes in two colors, black mist and white frost.

The new features include an improved Air View where you can preview videos by hovering your finger over the screen and also use the same for viewing speed dials when you want to make calls. Smart Start pause enables you to instantly pause when you take your eyes off the screen and instantly continues playing when you look at the screen again. With Samsung Watch On, you can turn the S4 into a home cinema screen by wirelessly connecting it to an HDTV. The Optical reader automatically detects the information you are reading and then expands it for easier reading. You can use the phone with gloves on, no problem! With Group Play, you can share the music playing with other S4 users and can also use the phones as speakers to amplify the music playing, this also applies to games. The SoundShot adds audio to pictures taken and the camera is of 13 megapixels!

The S4 is fully packed with new and brilliant features and is out there to out compete the iPhone 5. The S4 has already been accepted as a very excellent smartphone and also is considered the most powerful smartphone so far. The S4 is a life companion, according to Samsung and we are eagerly waiting for Apple’s reaction.


    • Its indeed a great phone although its a phone few people can afford to purchase here in UG…
      Great innovations…wish to own one but i dont know when.

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