OpenAI could unveil a Google search competitor

Open AI logo

Get ready for a battle of the search titans! OpenAI is reportedly unveiling its long-awaited AI-powered search product next Monday, aiming to dethrone Google’s dominance in the online information arena. This strategic move strategically places the announcement just before Google’s annual I/O conference, where they’ll be showcasing their own AI advancements like Gemini and Gemma.

This isn’t the first hint of OpenAI’s search ambitions. Reports from Bloomberg and The Information previously suggested they were developing an AI-based competitor. Bloomberg even hinted at citations being integrated into ChatGPT, the popular chatbot, while The Information speculated a potential “partly powered by Bing” element.

OpenAI previously experimented with granting ChatGPT access to live web data through plugins, but those were phased out. While users embraced ChatGPT for information gathering upon its 2022 launch, its accuracy and information freshness have been criticized, a common concern for large language models (LLMs) in general.

Regardless of whether next week’s rumors materialize, Google is acutely aware of the looming threat. As reported by CNBC, Google’s search boss, Prabhakar Raghavan, recently warned employees that their market dominance isn’t guaranteed. He emphasized the need for agility and innovation. Raghavan further stressed the importance of trust, suggesting users might turn to novelty options for exploration but ultimately rely on Google for verification due to its established reputation.

OpenAI seems to be actively targeting this trust factor. According to The Verge, sources report them aggressively poaching Google employees to bolster their search team. Additionally, Perplexity, a $1 billion AI-focused startup led by an ex-OpenAI researcher, boasts 10 million monthly active users for its own AI-powered search product.

This search showdown unfolds amidst the ongoing DOJ antitrust case against Google’s search monopoly. OpenAI’s potential Monday announcement likely serves as a bold message, especially considering ChatGPT’s phenomenal growth. Google would be wise to take this challenge seriously as the future of web search navigates an exciting, yet potentially disruptive, AI landscape.