What the future holds for sports betting?


It is not that easy to predict the future. Nobody knows for sure if a particular kind of sport will remain as popular as it is nowadays. Thanks to the internet, it is possible to at least get some interesting statistics that will help to forecast the situation with sports betting in the next 5 years (2022-2027). This is important for all kinds of users, because thanks to this information it will be much easier to figure out what to expect from this industry in a certain region and trends are going to be the most impactful. 

Key aspects that can change the sports betting world

According to many research labs in countries, like Tanzania, it is possible to see the growth of popularity for the online sports betting market. Millions of people from around the world already know how to bet on football online and they do not need to read any kind of a guide, because they have seen tons of ads. Even on American television that was previously famous for banning any commercial that contains at least some kind of information on gambling, now it is possible to find full scale ads dedicated to online casinos and sportsbooks. 

There are a couple of reasons why people have decided to use online gambling platforms more and one of them is COVID-19. The pandemic has changed the world forever by making internet communication much safer and faster than ever before, because online platforms have become the only way for many to at least somehow interact with other people online. But COVID-19 was not the only reason, because gamblers need to keep in mind that with each year, the number of people who own a smartphone or tablet increases significantly.

Crypto is the way to go

For way too many people, the increasing global popularity of sports betting (football in general) online had one significant issue – they were unsure if they could trust a certain sportsbook company. Looks like the solution to this problem was found years ago and now it has become available for so many players around the world. Many companies in Tanzania, including Parimatch have started to use cryptocurrencies for sports betting, allowing people to feel much safer. They no longer need to manage their bank account in order to make a couple of bets on the online sportsbook, which is already great. 

Crypto also creates an opportunity for people to place bets from literally any place in the world. Players will not need to worry about some kinds of international financial systems, such as SWIFT. The only thing that should be made by the player is the registration of the crypto wallet. It can be both online or offline and the gambler will be ready to go. 

Globalization of the sports betting market

In the last couple of years, Europe was among top growing markets for sports betting. Globalization allowed many companies to create their branches in new regions, which was great for the overall growth of the sports betting industry. Among top three  countries that generate the most profit in Europe:

  • United Kingdom;
  • Germany;
  • Spain. 

People in these countries love to make bets on football by using multiple leagues beets, pre-match activities and in-play opportunities. But considering these regions are at their peak, big companies, like Parimatch keep searching for new markets and East Africa feels like the best region to choose right now. 

Many people of Tanzania are thrilled to have an opportunity to bet on the FIFA World Cup, European Championships or other global events. Thanks to global brands that see an opportunity to make such countries a priority in the next 5 years, it becomes obvious that the sports betting industry will only grow in its popularity and it looks promising for millions of gamblers from around the world.