3 Techie Trends for Today’s Teens


If there is one thing that most, if not all, teens have in common it would be their love of technology. As an example, how many teens have you seen that don’t have their ever-present smartphone with them? From taking selfies to chatting with friends, there probably isn’t a handful of teens in your community that don’t rely on technology of some kind to “make it through the day.” Do you have a special teen you are trying to find a perfect gift for? You can’t go wrong if it’s something trending in technology today. Check these out as examples of what your teen might really enjoy.

1. Gaming Headset

One of the most distracting things for parents is being able to get a hold of their kids when they know, without a doubt, that they are in the house playing their favorite video games. So, how hard can it be to hit that little green phone icon to connect a call? Well, it can be pretty difficult if they can’t hear the phone ringing over the din of the video game that they are entrenched in. Why not buy them a gaming headset that can be switched over to phone mode while playing their games? For a little more money, you can get the wireless version,which makes it an even sweeter gift for a techie teen who doesn’t like to sit still in one spot for very long.

2. Smart Earbuds

When looking for teens electronic gadgets, smart earbuds are the perfect gift. These are wireless and connect via Bluetooth technology. They can usually pair with at least two devices simultaneously and many have superior sound so that they can be used for both phone calls as well as for enjoying the trending music of the day. This really is the perfect gift for a teen who is always on the move because they will have the ultimate experience in mobile sound.

3Streaming Music Subscription

Speaking of mobile sound, what about a streaming music subscription? This pairs nicely with the gift of smart earbuds if it’s a major life event you are celebrating with them like their transition to “adulthood” at their 18th birthday or graduation from high school. Give them the gift of music along with those earbuds with superior sound. It doesn’t get much better than this! Imagine, a streaming music subscription and smart buds so that they can enjoy their favorite tunes without ever missing a call from mom.

Is there anything trending higher than video games or music in today’s teen culture? When it comes to technology, anything related to either gaming or music will automatically be a big hit for any gift for any occasion in the life of a teen. Bear in mind that there are few activities any teen enjoys that doesn’t have something to do with technology in one way or another. Be it VR, AR, gaming, sound, or photos, if it’s technology, it’s something they will love – guaranteed.