The Biggest Tech Trends In Trucking 


Trucking is an industry that is continuously being improved and changed through tech. Technology now plays a major role in the trucking industry, and there are all kinds of exciting, innovative, and useful trends that are helping trucking companies to improve and achieve higher levels of success. It is important for trucking business owners and truck drivers to be familiar with these trends so that they can stay ahead of the curve and ensure that they are benefiting from the very best and latest tech. With this in mind, read on to discover a few of the main tech trends shaping the trucking industry right now.

Autonomous Vehicles

With each passing year, autonomous driving becomes more prevalent and mainstream, and 2022 will be a huge year for this type of tech. Many modern vehicles have a range of autonomous features, and the trucking industry has been an early adopter of this type of tech, especially due to a shortage of long-haul drivers. There are already autonomous trucks being used in many states, and this will continue in 2022 and beyond.

Electric Trucks

Another major trend relating to the vehicles themselves is the rise of electric trucks. Now is the perfect time for trucking companies to embrace this type of tech with the world becoming greener as well as the rising cost of fuel. An electric truck allows a brand to position itself as a green business while also reducing its operating costs. These trucks will become more widespread in the months and years to come and will soon be dominating the roads. 

Load Boards

Another major trend in 2022 is trucking companies and individuals using load boards to find work. This is an easy way for truckers to find a continuous stream of work, which is also ideal for those that are just getting started and looking to build up their experience. You can browse truck loads available with platforms like Shiply, which allows you to easily browse and sign up for different jobs.

Contactless Tech

Contactless tech has become a major trend in the trucking and delivery industry during COVID-19 and allowed delivery drivers and customers to interact safely. Mobile devices allow truck drivers to submit paperwork and confirm deliveries without any physical contact, which is much safer and adds convenience. 

Big Data Analytics

Like many industries, big data analytics is playing a major role and can provide a trucking business with much deeper insight into the performance of the business. By utilizing data analytics, trucking businesses can analyze fuel consumption driver performance, optimize routes and learn about supply and demand estimates, just as a few examples. Big data analytics can provide trucking businesses with the information that they need to make accurate implements to the business, which should allow them to achieve higher levels of success.

These are a few of the main tech trends that are shaping the trucking industry in 2022 and will play a major role in the months and years to come.