Update 2021: We really hoped it would get better but there are still a number of complaints from Home users. Liquid Telecom which is now Liquid Technologies has revoked public/customer access to their traffic monitoring tool (Splynx) so you now can’t tell you bandwidth as received from the ISP.

The marketing has been improved to say that their speeds are now ‘up to’ rather than saying the exact speeds. They will try to lure complaining home users to get ‘Office/Business’ packages that are quite pricy.

They have now introduced an installation fee of UGX 120,000/- and there is a queue before one is connected.

Customers who haven’t renewed in over 4 months are emailed if they are still interested in the service and when on says no. A call is made to the client and the old equipment is picked up.

We noticed some of the old equipment one of the writers used at his residence was transferred and used in the connecting of another customer. (Yes we can tell from the paint and marking on the old router).

Some areas have had an improvement partly because of some infrastructure / Mast upgrades as well some customers leaving especially those in areas with fibre alternatives such as Zuku.

There still remain numerous complaints from customers and we are receiving reports and have done some tests on clients with ‘Liquid Business’ packages and service has deteriorated.

We wouldn’t recommend getting liquid telecom for home internet as per the time of this update.