Google Launches AirDrop Clone for Android “Nearby Share”.


Users of Apple iOS have often boasted, to the discomfort of Android users, of the possibilities that AirDrop offers them, including the possibility to seamlessly exchange multimedia from one iPhone to another or to Mac computers.

Google has announced that the feature, called Nearby Share, will also be available to Android users as of the 4th August 2020 and it will work starting with Android 6.0+ “making it easier to instantly share files, links, pictures, and more with people around you.” The initial devices to receive the service will be select Google Pixel and Samsung devices before a wider roll out to other supported devices.

The company also promises the protection of user privacy to prevent snoops who might want to compromise the service to gain access to private files that are not specifically being shared.

“It also allows you to adjust your privacy settings from your phone’s Quick Settings at any time”, reads the statement from the google blog page, in an effort to secure one’s data.

Just like with Airdrop, when you open Nearby Share, it allows you to see all the devices within your proximity to allow you share that intended content.