How to Make the Most of Your New Zealand Sim Card


Are you travelling to New Zealand? If so, make sure to purchase your NZ sim card before making the trip.

In recent news, New Zealand made waves for how the country was able to handle the ongoing pandemic and devise strategies to flatten the curve completely. But there is more to admire about the culturally diverse country.

First, New Zealand is home to a specific breed of small flightless birds called Kiwi. During the ancient period, the Kiwi was used to represent the country, until such time that it was now used as a nickname for the locals.  Aside from the historically significant bird, several hillsides, mountains, glaciers, and sandy shores can also be found in the said country.

The people of New Zealand also regard their visitors with the utmost importance, as exhibited by the practicality of the communication tools like sim cards that they offer.

If you are new to the area, there are specific methods or strategies you can use to maximize the convenience and function of your New Zealand sim cards.

  • Choose a SIM card provider

There are several plans available for the amount of SMS they can send, the time they can spend on voice communication, and the amount of data they can consume in a given period. Some providers offer at most 10GB worth of data and a broader range of plans for its subscribers. Others offer limited data range but compensate with additional features for international SMS and voice calls.

  • Shipping options

Ideally, you need to get hold of your sim card before you arrive at your destination. Otherwise, you might be scrambling your way around before you can confirm your reservations or keep in touch with the people you intend to meet there. Some sim card providers enable international shipping or delivery, while some do not. The charges for each provider will also vary, so take note of the difference in fees as well.

  • Unlock your phone

By unlocking your phone, it means making your phone functional even when you go abroad. You can consult your phone provider to determine how you can make your phone fully usable and versatile for international travels. You might need to prepare a set of security questions that will keep you from losing access to your phone’s features. Unlocked phones are typically at risk of being compromised by the strict security systems installed in Android and Apple phones.