How to use Programmatic Tech to your Advantage

Make the most of your advertising budget with programmatic technology. It uses bots to buy online advertising that’s micro-targeted to your ideal audience demographics.

Photo by Rafael Pol on Unsplash

Inevitably, this (and all) advertising requires you to have a very clear idea of your ideal audience. If you’re an established company, use data to create a profile of your best customers. If you don’t have statistical data available, use front-line staff insights and creativity to identify who your most likely and most loyal customers are from a demographic standpoint. This includes factors such as age, sex, geographic location, habits and interests. You will use this customer profile to inform the programmatic advertising – it uses these input factors to know what ads to bid on, and how much a particular ad location or audience should be worth to you.

Video performs better than other formats, in both organic content and paid advertising online, and about 75% of video ads online are programmatic. Don’t get stuck playing on an old field – upgrade your advertising strategy to stay competitive in today’s market.

First, creative: you need to start framing campaigns as multi-format. Create video-first ads and then repackage for display advertising in banners or sidebars as necessary. A good downloadable video maker can get you started quickly and easily. Don’t forget that ideal customer profile when you’re working on your creative assets. You want to make a video that speaks directly to the sort of person who is likely to spend money on your services or products.

There are different options available when it comes to video ads. Stock footage and custom video clips are one option but can be expensive and challenging for smaller companies. They may also be more ambiguous and suited for different formats such as long-form storytelling.

Graphics and animations are a good alternative to help you communicate clearly and in an accessible manner. It’s better to be clear than overly creative – you want your programmatic advertising to convert, and confusing customers tend not to convince them to hit the “buy” button, though there is a place for artistic ads for brand-building and enhancing purposes.

Once you’ve created your video ads, the machine-led format of programmatic advertising bids in real time and at speed to pair your creative content with the right audiences. Generally, spots are available across channels, including web spots, social media and even television. However, it can be a challenge to target the specific channels that you want to bid on if you have a preference or if you know that your customers have a higher presence on a particular channel.

You can also adjust your targeting if you find that your original customer profile wasn’t as well aligned as you intended. Quantitative reporting helps you understand how well your ads are performing and what ratio they’re converting to customer engagement.

Use programmatic advertising to micro-target your video ads to the right audience and reach unprecedented conversion rates on your advertising spend. It takes a minimal investment to get a video up and running, and programmatic ads can encourage greater understanding of your customers with detailed data feedback.