Yoza App Review: Getting your laundry done


We all get lazy, and the guys at Yoza know this. That is why they created an app to aide us get our laundry done. Yoza which means “wash” is a service which enables you find people to wash your laundry basing on your location.

The Yoza app which is currently available on android is straight to the point and comes with a green material design. The app itself is small at a mere 6.2 MBs on the Google Playstore which should be cheap.

You are greeted by a splash screen and a login form when you open the app. The signup was pretty simple. Basically it’s your name, phone number and location. The app is good at locating where you are using GPS and it automatically finds a region that is known to the service. The location isn’t local council specific but at area level it’s good enough. The search tab will be quite helpful when searching for a new area.

I managed to select Makerere as my residential area and I found 3 washers at the time of review. Selecting someone to wash your laundry is as simple as tapping their name and a call option appears. Each washer has reviews and comments from people who have been aided by his or her service. There is also an option for a profile picture which few washers had used by the time of review. The washers wash from your home and Yoza doesn’t take away any of the clothes.

Yoza also has specific packages targeted at particular groups like students. The student package comes in at a manageable 80,000/- (Uganda shillings) for an entire semester. Other packages cost 100,000/- , 200,000/- , and 1,000,000/- for the Standard, Premium and Family packages respectively.


Using the app is pretty simple, much simpler than doing your laundry. The user interface is rather clean and free from clutter. It is even gentle on your mobile data as it’s data consumption is really minimal. Their is even a beta app for those who want to try out the new features before they go public. Beware of a few crushes though.

The book a washer feature enables you select a washer based on gender, how often you want the service, and whether you would like them to clean your house or wash your laundry.

Yoza is a really revolutionary service in Uganda because it solves a problem that didn’t have a simple fix. You will definitely have more time on your ‘softer’ hands. Clicking the Download button to get the app from Google Playstore should be without hesitation. I mean who wouldn’t want their laundry done.