TOP 8 Occasions to use the Hellofood App.


1 | When you are Living on a Budget

This occasion takes first priority, because it is January a time of the year when most are very frugal with their finances, meaning a strict balancing of all expenses. Eating out is now more of a luxury, therefore being able to save on transport and time trying to drive to a restaurant when at home or office; one can instead just place an order for a meal in their budget range and also be able to get more from the many meal deals on the hellofood platform.

2 | When you need to look busy

You know that awkward moment when you’re at a party in company of other people and everyone else is busy on their phones or when you are waiting for someone who hasn’t reached and you take out your phone to look like you’re busy? Yes we’ve all been there. What’s more awkward is pretending to be on a call and have your phone ring mid-way. Here’s a better idea, open up the hellofood app and order food. Then when your friends are done with whatever they are doing on their phones or when they finally show up, tell them you’ve suddenly got dinner at home and leave. You get to have your revenge on your anti-social or tardy friend for being late, and you get to go home to a hot meal. Win win!!

3 | When you’re lazy to cook

This goes without saying. Everyone is lazy to do something at some point in their lives. Even boiling or frying an egg is a hassle sometimes and you do not feel like punishing your palates with just bread and water. hellofood solves this by delivering what you are actually craving for. It’s as simple as that.

4 | When you have a hot date

Am sure we have all read or heard that a date that knows how to cook is a keeper, well that is changing to a date that knows how to order for the right meal is a definite keeper (times have changed or a changing). How about the option of a boring, awkward date at a crowded and noisy restaurant, plus an even heftier bill after? We’re having none of that! Order food home, get some candles and dig in with hands. It’s so much more personal and intimate, and you can have much better conversation and even add a touch of the music you and your date actually prefer.

Also, they’ve just given you the ultimate win of getting them in your house already even before the date commences. Smooth or what? (Forget about the Netflix and chill, this is 2016)
5 | When you give up on food altogether

Frustrations run high when you’re just so done with the same old food and can’t decide what to eat. Even worse if  you walked into office expecting the cafeteria food to be different seeing as it is a new year. Here’s why the hellofood app saves the day: open up the app, close your eyes, pick something, order and you’re done! (Surprise Your-self, with over 25 different cuisines on the platform, you are bound to be surprised) everyone loves a surprise.

You can thank us later. Also, watch this space for Valentines campaign coming up in February.

6 | When you need an excuse to not go out

Do you know when you are at office with a heavy work load or at home in pajamas and ready to laze up on the couch and do absolutely nothing, but then your pesky friends call and force you out for meal? Use our hellofood app and order in. So when they call and try to force you out, you now have a legitimate reason to stay in because you have food on the way. It’s definitely NOT because you are too broke to buy your-self food lazy or too lazy to shower.

7 | When you need to surprise a friend or family member

One of the unique features with the hellofood app is that it allows you to order food for someone else and surprise them; this is the option to pay for the meal using MTN mobile money. Nothing says ‘I love you’ or “I care about you” like warm meal or confectionary at their door. So even if you are miles away, you can still surprise that special someone. Order a meal or cake for them and it will be delivered with tender loving care.

8 | When you’re just plain hungry

For as long as you are human, hunger is part of life, though we do not live to eat, we all eat to live, meaning everyone has a reason to use the hellofood app. You’re hungry?  hellofood has an app for that. You place your order and it is delivered to your home or office, you are happy.

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