Uganda’s oldest indigenous spirit decided to add some tech to the way its consumers order it’s spirit. Uganda Waragi launched a Facebook App which allows Ugandans order Uganda waragi using their internet enabled devices.

You will no longer have to drive to that cheap supermarket to stock up the 3 flavors of Uganda Waragi at the recommended Retail price. All you do is order the amount you want, punch in your address and your waragi is delivered to your location.


Well the experience is as simple as clicking the “Shop Now” or “Buy Uganda Waragi” buttons on the Facebook page. Another page loads within the Facebook page showing you instructions and a list of the items you can order.


Ordering is as simple as either typing in the number or using the arrows to enter the quantity of  Uganda Waragi you want, adding to cart, and Then clicking the ‘Checkout’ button. You are presented with a form where you enter your details such as Name, phone number, location and date of birth. The date of birth is not make sure they do no sale alcohol to anyone below the age of 18.


During my review the online experience was generally smooth on PC but I was not so pleased with the delivery time which can go up two days. (Maybe it was because I ordered on a Sunday,….. which should be a reasonable day to have my order in time) You however get an email confirming your order and it contains a number to call to confirm the status of your order. The delivery fee is just a mere 2,000/- for places around Kampala.

Using Facebook is great since it has a large number of users in Uganda but we are currently limited to it. No android or iOS dedicated app is available but Facebook is idiot-proof meaning the process will be very simple. The only problem is that when you try to open the Facebook app on a mobile phone, it opens the blown up desktop version which might not be an exciting experience.

Uganda Waragi will throw in a gift if you order two bottles of Uganda Waragi if you order two bottles. At the time of writing it was another bottle which means you get 3 for the price of two.

It is a simple and unique innovation in the Ugandan market which we enjoyed during our test at the office. We would however be happier if EABL deployed this app on more platforms besides Facebook. Please don’t forget to drink responsibly.