Top 8 Smart TVs of 2015


Rapid technological advancement has affected literally every single aspect of our lives. One of the greatest innovations in the last decade happened in the field of TV technologies. Every year, even though many believed it to be impossible, somehow TVs get better and better. TV screens are bigger, the word high definition (HD) is taken to a completely new level and the clarity of screen is just getting better and better. However, the invention of the smart TV was yet another step further in this direction. This cunning device that can do almost everything that a mobile device can is truly a marvel of modern technology. With this in mind, here is a short list of 5 best smart TVs of 2015.

1.   Samsung Smart TV

We shall start with a TV that received the highest mark by the reviewers in 2015: Samsung Smart TV. Seeing as Samsung is already a celebrated developer in the field of TV and one of the greatest names (if not second greatest, right after apple) in the field of mobile technology, there is no real surprise here. Tizen OS is well optimized on this device and instructions by the Samsung team are really beneficial to their users. Only problems here, which are also present with any other smart TV, are that it takes some time to get accustomed to it.

2.   LG WebOS 2.0

On pair with Samsung Smart TV, here comes a product from one of the Samsung’s greatest competitors LG. LG WebOS 2.0 is a true masterpiece of this technology. On first sight you can tell just how hard the developers worked on the design of its interface. When it comes to the speed of browsing, LG is a bit behind Samsung, however it must be noted that LG WebOS 2.0 did pass HTML 5 test, while the Samsung Smart TV didn’t. All in all, these two devices have their differences and it would be wise to thoroughly thoroughly compare televisions before making your mind for one or the other.

3.   Sony’s Android TV

When it comes to cost efficiency and the simplicity of use, Sony yet again rules unparalleled. An amazing company, which became celebrated by launching one of the greatest gaming consoles this world has ever seen came through once again. Its interface design is quite simple and everything runs as smoothly as possible. The greatest drawback is that the number of applications available for Sony’s smart TV is still quite limited. As for browsing you can do it in various ways including both Google Chrome as well as Opera.

4.   Vizio Smart

Even though the platform of Vizio may seem a bit unfinished, surprisingly this amazing TV is considered to be far superior to both Panasonic and Toshiba. Also, when it comes to cost effectiveness Vizio is head and shoulders above everyone else. This platform is compatible with most apps, so it’s only major error would have to be the fact that HBO Go is still unavailable on this TV.

5.   Roku TV

Although Hisense seem as a wildcard when compared to its renowned western competitors, this Chinese technological giant is in no way inferior. Best proof of this is their newest smart TV Roku which is considered by many to be a true marvel of modern TV technology. When it comes to streaming Roku is second to none, but this is not the only area in which this amazing smart device excels. According to reviews (we had no chance of checking this out on our own) Roku is capable of sustaining more apps at once than any other platform in existence. Quite the surprise indeed.

   6. Sony X900C

This is a great choice of TV, but there’s a catch. It is best for a lighter room, as it does not perform that well in darkness. Also, it has a wide color range and good color accuracy if you view it from an angle. Although it is beautifully designed and very thin, this TV lacks uniformity and has poor blacks. Sony X850C for example, is a much better choice for watching movies, especially because of the better contrast and higher quality of black color.

    7. Samsung JU6700

This particular TV is similar to its predecessor, in terms of picture quality. It also features a better remote control and the screen is conveniently curved. Unlike the aforementioned, this model is a bit better for watching movies in a dark setting and it also boast a very low input lag. There are some flaws however, such as some motion blur, but not too much. It is great for movies that are not in 24p, but when you play an HQ movie, it tends to judder a bit. Anyway, sport buffs will love this TV since the motion blur is just about right for that kind of experience.

    8. Vizio M55-C2

This is a new TV within the Vizio’s Ultra-HD M-Series. It is a full array, 55 inch monster with Ultra-HD picture quality. Its screen is filled with 8.3 million pixels, which scale up your usual satellite or cable, bringing it to 2160p from 1080p, so you can enjoy the highest possible quality. It is an excellent choice for movies, sports and casual watching. Vizio M55-C2 costs around $800 and you will hardly find something better for that kind of money.


All in all, a TV is not something that you buy every day. Because of this it is vital that you do your homework well, analyze every single aspect of the TV you want to get and compare it to its competitors. In the end, you should also try to find a TV that meets all your needs and yet falls in perfectly within your set budget. Even though this is seldom an easy task, countless hours of pleasure that a TV of your dreams can give you will be worth all the trouble.