The war between Phone Manufacturers is always spreading to new battle grounds with competition in various aspects which brings us to the legendary struggle between Samsung and Apple. Following the success of the Apple iPhone 6S sales including those of the new colour variant Apple calls Rose Gold which got Apple fans on a frenzy, Samsung has announce two new colour variants to its premium Galaxy Note 5 smartphone in South Korea.

The new colours of the Note 5 are titanium silver and pink gold which we all know is a direct response to the rose gold iPhone. Shameless Samsung even kept the ‘gold’ word in the name but this is a well tonned down shade of pink to the normal eye. But let’s have some mercy considering the innovation curve in technology is almosted stunted and copying is inevitable otherwise things like compatibility and comparison would be difficult.

At least lovers of pink, call it rose gold or pink gold now have a choice between two premium vendors.

Image Credit & Via: CNET