Top 5 Quirky and Gimmicky smartphone accessories


There are a couple of smartphone accessories in circulation right now that you probably don’t need.  Today in this yet amazing post from the gurus of GURU8, we are going to focus our vision on those accessories people are buying in excitement or total ignorance.

1. Selfie stick
Yes, you don’t need that kiboko. How do you even move around with that thing, like a herdsman? This Nkoni is rather effective when it comes to increasing the shot’s angle range. Problem is, the stick gets in the way. It will always be seen in your pictures unless you have some ninja-photography skills. Some do come with a remote that means all the hands will be busy leading to no peace✌sign in the photo. You also have to be careful while using these as you can easily injure somebody.

selfie stick
Chameleone uses Selfie-stick

2.Power banks
I know you think its a trend, no it’s not. These are made for people with very weak batteries and yet want to use their phones like some sort of super computer. If you have good battery utilization skills, you can take about 6-10 hours on a single charge. But if your phone requires charging every 10 minutes, it’s wiser to invest in a new battery than a power bank. Uhmm, Iphone homies and all those guys that have phones with no removable batteries, you probably have the cash so send them back for replacement or just buy new phones 😂

power bank
power bank

3. Designer cases.
These are commonly known as covers around here. The very first thing a case must ensure is the protection of the phone then aesthetics and design follow. What’s the use of you having a Louis Vuitton case that can’t absorb all the shock when your device hits a hard surface. The ones that really get to my nerves are the Flip Cases. These make one look just like a Sugar daddy. Why would anyone who still has his sanity use a flip Case? They rather look stylish but for some unknown reason, everyone that owns one tends to take a selfie in front of a mirror.

Designer Cases
Designer Cases

4.Touch Screen gloves.
But Ugandans can mean to be wise. Are we in winter or something. Okay for the boda guys, I totally support you because you need gloves. But then again these are “gloves” which boda guy puts on gloves. KCCA and the police had to forcefully put helmets on their heads. We all love Ugandans.

touch screen gloves
touch screen gloves

5. Bluetooth headsets
Gundi, remove on us your village. What’s the purpose of you walking around all day with this thing hurting your ear and only get 5 calls. These used to be pretty cool back in the day, I won’t deny. But honestly that coolness period elapsed. Show us how cool you are by buying the Virtual Reality headsets, Holo lens, Google Glass and stuff. If not, just get Earphones already.

Alright guys, that makes it for this Top 5, be sure to check in next time for  yet an amazing list next time.


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  1. nop i bet the wireless headset is quite a good replacement for a moderate budget. its just the way most people use these.😉

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