Uganda’s first 3D cinema, 3D Cinema Magic at Metroplex Naalya recently launched an app for its customers and anyone who loves watching movies. I got a chance to play around with it an let it sink into my life for a reasonable period of time and here is my review of the App.

The first impression you get is the beauty and simplicity of this app which defies odds of many Ugandan designed Android apps. The app shows a rather nice blend of purple on its splashscreen and menu to match the brand colours of the 3D Cinema Magic.

The developers at SleekTech must have thought that movie lovers don’t like wasting time hence bringing the content right up when you open the app. The “Now Showing” tab is open and it shows a slideshow and cards with the movies that are showing on the big screens. Taping a card opens up a simple page with a movie description showing the actors, writers, ratings, movie showtimes and a button for booking. Currently you can only book by calling the number that shows up when you tap the button something that is excusable.

The 3D Cinema App also shows you movies which are coming soon and tapping the movie card shows you more details such as the release date, a brief description, the actors, writers, the ESRB Rating (parental guidance,…age….blah blah) and an option to watch the trailer which is good for driving your movie adrenaline through the roof.

You will be able to see Trailers for all the movies showing and those coming soon as chosen by the staff at the cinema. The trailer are showed within the using a youtube player that will give you the option to full screen in landscape mode and increase the quality up to 720p.

One of the simple but rather brilliant feature is a an icon that shows you whether a movies is either 2D or 3D. A rather nice reminder for those who love to watch 3D movies. Each movie has details of the different ticket pricing for example the ticket price for kids, Adults, and price of 3D tickets.

For the data usage conscious, the app doesn’t consume a lot of mobile data unless you watch the trailers. You will also get a few notifications reminding you of things link 2 for one promotions, half price tickets and when a new movie is premiering.

Swiping the right navigation menu shows you a contact Us option with details such as a map to the cinema location, an email and a number to dial for inquiries.

The Future:

I managed to get a sneek peek at the future (beta) of this app and I was amazed by the User Interface improvements (talk about more material design) and am told, booking is about to get as sweet as being able to book a particular seat.

You can download the 3D Cinema Magic App by hitting the link below or you can search for the 3D Cinema Magic App on the Google Playstore



Download th 3D Cinema Magic App

User Interface (Design)
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3d-cinema-magic-app-review-cinema-life-just-got-sweeterMovie lovers are definitely going to enjoy the convenience of this app. Knowing when you favourite movie while show on the big screen will definitely save you fuel, time and airtime


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