MTN Uganda reduces prices of Mobile Internet Bundles

But neglects the affordable bundles


MTN Uganda has reduced prices of some data bundles for its mobile subscribers. The data bundles affected include the Daily 100MB  bundle which now costs 1,800/- instead of 2,500/-, the Weekly 50MB bundle now costs 1,800/- from 2,500/- and  monthly 1Gb will cost 35,000/- instead of 39,000/- among other reductions as shown below.

MTN will also reward users with an extra 15MB upon the use of the first 30MB in a month effective 1st July 2015.

Unfortunately the mostcommon Daily bundles were untouched and still remain the highest on the market  currently. Considering that the average consumer loads the Daily bundles of 50MB and 20MB which have not been touched, users will need to buy bigger bundles to take advantage of these price drops.


Here is a list of the Reduced MTN Uganda Internet / Data bundle prices

  Bundle   Validity
  15MB   Once every month after using your first 30MBs that month
  10MB   24 hours   300
  20MB   500
50MB 1,200
100MB 1,800
  50MB   1 Week   1,800
100MB  3,000
25MB   1 Month   1,500
100MB   4,500 
500MB   20,000 
  1GB   35,000
2GB 50,000
  3GB   60,000
 5GB   90,000
 10GB   125,000
 30GB   285,000
 1GB   3 Months   45,500
2GB 65,000
 3GB   78,000
 5GB   117,000
 10GB   162,500
 30GB   370,500
Night Shift
1 GB
MTN PayAsYouGo 0.8 0.8

NOTE : MTN has reduced Prepaid Data rates as highlighted in BOLD.

Prices Source: MTN