Microdia made a 512GB MicroSD card but you probably can’t afford it


The sound of a 512GB MicroSD memory is really mind blowing considering that it can easily get lost in you pocket or messy hand. A memory card is so small and delicate that even a baby could probably break it or a bunch of dudus (*read tiny insects) could carry it.

But Microdia though it wise to announce a 512 GB (Oh boy, you read that right, GB not mb) MicroSDXC card at Computex. This comes after SanDisk announced a 200GB Memory card in March this year and considering that Microdia was the first to create a 64 GB MicroSD card back in 2008, shows us the amibitiousness of the company to squeeze large storage amounts on physically smaller media.

This 512 MicroSD card will be available in July and it will cost around $1000.

Image Source: CNET