iOS 9 will enable Ad blocking in Safari


The newly announced iOS 9 will enabled users block advertisements on websites in the Safari browser. This comes after Ricky Mondello (an Apple Engineer) tweeted a developer session where developers can create extensions for iOS 9 to block “content”.

Ricky added that content Blocking works in Safari and SFSafariViewController which means that content blockers would be able to block some ads in iOS 9 apps that use the SFSafariViewController library to show webpages. The blockers will work pervasively unlike Javascript implementations which are triggered per page.


This announcement comes after Apple launched a revamped Newsstand app which curates content from multiple publishers during the WWDC 2015 conference.

It is absurd that Apple is allowing Advertisement blockers in its native browser considering that thousands of digital publishers struggle to monetize their content through paid advertisement and blocking adverts means less revenue generated.