Hellofood’s Pizza Places in Uganda


As Ugandans, we can cook just about anything and everything that suits our taste, but when it comes to pizza, we mainly rely on pizza joints that have better expertise, experience and equipment. Thanks to Hellofood, the leading online food ordering and delivery platform, a convenient and easy connection to these special pizza restaurants across Kampala has been made.

If one wants pizza and they do not want to spend time and money searching for a place, they have got two choices to keep it simple; download the free Hellofood App or Visit the Hellofood website (https://www.hellofood.ug/) and order away from any of the top pizzerias on the platform such as Cayenne Restaurant & Lounge, Olives pizzeria, taste budz, Pizza Royale, CASA MIA, Mr. Tasty fried Chicken, Caffe Roma, Cafe Mamba, Pizza connection, Ponnus Restaurant, Raves Cafe & lounge, Indulge Restaurant, food gallery, slices Pizzeria, Yasmin Restaurant, Seascallop Restaurant, The Pizza House,  and your pizza shows up within 60 minutes. The best part is, you can pay cash on delivery or pay online using MTN mobile money. This is very convenient as one can order when they are either at home or at office and the Pizza will be delivered to them. Remember, everything is packed and delivered to you hot and crispy, saving you the hustle and bustle of traffic jam or even dish washing.

Ron Kawamara, Managing Director of Hellofood Uganda, said: “Pizza is the most ordered meal on Hellofood, and we are working hard to make the order and delivery process as easy as possible for all our customers. That is why we keep incorporating the latest innovations such as Mobile Money payments, visa/MasterCard and GPS navigation tools. We have over 130 restaurants of the best restaurants in Kampala on the platform, where anyone can order just about any meal they can think of (local, continental, vegetarian, fast food, etc.).”