Cortana is coming to Android and iOS


Microsoft has officially announced that it will be launching Cortana on Android and iOS platforms. Cortana which was previously only available on the Windows Platform will now be in competition with Google Now, which is available on Android & iOS  and Siri which only runs on iOS devices.

Microsoft will be offering an early look of its personal search assistant ‘Cortana’ on Android and iOS platforms today but it promises that the you’ll be able to make similar queries using the Cortana app across all platforms i.e Windows, iOS and Android.

The android Version still lacks in functionality compared to its Windows variant due tie various integrations but you’ll get notifications for sports results, flights and most of the features that already exist on windows phone.

This is a move by Microsoft to bring the Windows 10 services experience to all smartphones considering that current Microsoft apps are rapidly being pushed to Google Play and the Apple Store.