Hellofood wonders how to scare hunger away


More than 800 million people in the world are currently suffering of hunger and poverty. Sub-Saharan Africa is the region with the highest prevalence of hunger. One person in four is undernourished, according to the World Food Program. Hunger affects everyone, from individuals to businesses in the food industry. Today is World Hunger Day and to raise awareness of the scale of the issue, Hellofood has challenged its community to help people #ScareHunger away with a donation to their local foodbank and Hellofood Uganda is excited to partner with Dwelling places for the World Hunger day at their Mutundwe children’s Home. 

Since yesterday, Hellofood has been asking its community how they scare hunger away, sharing funny and serious ideas with them to discuss this important issue. What can be the solution? Shouting? Calling your mum? Dress up like a ghost?
According to Hellofood, the best way to scare hunger is… food.

Ron Kawamara, Managing Director of Hellofood – Uganda said, ““Considering the immense importance of this issue in Africa, we wanted to offer our users and partners an easy way to contribute. We hope this will raise awareness, improve the public knowledge and spread the word about world hunger.”

“We are humbled and delighted to support dwelling places on this particular day because the highest cost they face in taking care of the children is food and also most of the children on the streets are there to try and get some money for food to survive. All we want is to put smiles on the children’s faces and also remind the general public that the plight hunger is still a major issue even in our own backyard. Our online platforms make it possible for people to get food delivery allover Kampala everyday but this is by far our best delivery of the year. Credit has to go to our partner restaurants like Piato and Mackies, who on hearing what we wanted to do with Dwelling places, offered incredible support in making the day for the children memorable and we look forward to working together with them on other projects.” Kawamara added.

Rita Nkemba, Founder and Executive Director, Dwelling Places said, “Dwelling Places were delighted to receive the call from Hello Food to be the beneficiaries of their ‘World Hunger Day’ donation. Dwelling Places have rescued over 1000 children since 2002 from the streets of Kampala; we’ve given them a bed to sleep in and their first hot meal in weeks.  We have had children come into our homes hooked on aviation fuel which they have been sniffing to curb their hunger pangs. We are an organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, reconciling and resettling children from the streets; and are happy to stand alongside Hello Food for World Hunger Day.”


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