Vodafone Uganda’s deals will give your internet steroids


Vodafone has decided to take on the telecom war in Uganda by introducing cheap unlimited internet bundles and bundling these bundles with a free MiFi, dongle or Indoor router for new users who register purchase unlimited data bundles.

The new unlimited data bundles begin at 149,900/- shilling for a 2 Mbps connection which comes with either an LTE dongle or Free MiFi and 199,000/- for a 6mbps bundle and a juicy 10mbps at 349,000/- which comes with a free Indoor CPE Router. This is among the first internet package that worth the money considering the speeds are really fast. Youtube videos don’t buffer and they usually automatically load at a 1080p quality on when will 3 devices are connected to the mifi router.

These deals are so attractive considering that no initial payments are required to buy the router then pay for the internet bundle like other telecoms are doing. You are basically paying for the unlimited bundle and walking out with a free dongle or router.

Another shocker is how the mifi comes with 2 sim cards that are one number and are connected to the same data package meaning you can decide to plug the sim into your phone and leave the mifi working at your home. This however saw a reduction in connections speeds since the speed cap had to be shared between several devices. The Vodafone website says you get a 2mbps package when you buy the mifi at 149,000/- but users are actually getting the 6 mbps bundle.

Vodafone also has unlimited data bundles that last a day, week and month unlike its competition, for example you can either pay UGX17,900 or UGX69,900 for the daily and weekly unlimited data plans.

vodafone internet deals
Here is a screenshot of Vodafone Uganda’s internet deals



Its not all sweets and candy

The unlimited Internet bundles have speed caps and Fair Usage Policy (FUP) caps meaning you are granted access at the purchased bundle speed for a particular amount of data that is subject to the particular bundle then your speeds are dropped to 256kbps once you exceed the FUP cap.

Product Download Speed* Validity FUP Cap Price (UGX)
Unlimited 2mbps/ 1day 2mbps 24 hours 1.5GB 17,900
Unlimited 2mbps/ 7days 2mbps 7 days 8GB 69,900
Unlimited 2mbps/30 days 2mbps 30 days 35GB 149,900
Unlimited 6mbps/30 days 6mbps 30 days 50GB 199,900
Unlimited 10mbps/30 days 10mbps 30 days 60GB 349,900

At the end of the day

You are taking home a fast internet connection which comes at a great value.

Image Source: Vodafone.co.ug






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