Smart Telecom is now giving less data. Here are the changes!


Smart Telecom which has been the most generous telecom when it comes to giving data bundles are a ridiculous costs has made a few changes.

The prices didn’t go up but rather the quantity you get has gone down by a lot of megabytes. You will definitely need to adjust your browsing habits, less “nothing” and kitten videos.

Here are the changes to the Daily bundles are;
249shs – 25MB from 50MB
499shs – 120MB from 350 MB
999shs – 500MB from 1.5 GB

Here are the changes to the Weekly bundles are;
1999shs – 120MBs
4999shs – 1 GB

Here are the changes to the Monthly bundles are;
4999shs – 400MBs from 1GB
9999shs – 1 GB from 2GB

The new prices have been posted on Twitter account of Smart Telecom