Microsoft unveils Windows 10, Its new with an old Feeling


Microsoft shocked most of us during today’s press conference when Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore announced Windows 10 rather than 9 which everyone expected. Well the leaked screenshots of the Operating system were on point this time considering that Microsoft didn’t forget its die hard fans who longed for the good old start menu.

Windows 10 comes with a design that integrates most of the good old features like a start menu in the corner and windowed metro apps. The Start Menu still has tiles together with a search box and a list of favourites. This might seem cool but its 2 year late and some of us are already used to the full-screen metro start.

Windows 10 is going to be a platform for multiple devices starting from phones, tablets, desktops, laptops and embedded systems but Microsoft won’t give them one User Interface but its giving all devices that come with a Keyboard and 2 in 1s the default start menu and the Store will also open in windowed mode

A Metro App in a window

Windows 10 will let users re-size metro apps just like other windows. This a relief to some who wanted some of these apps re-sized and besides it solves the problem of users having the feeling of 2 different OS interfaces in one package.

Microsoft announced the snap enhancements feature that lets you fit four apps on the same screen in a quadrant layout, something similar to the snap feature on Mac Os except Microsoft will wants to show you other running programs for additional snapping and suggest open apps to fill the available space on the screen.

They also added a task-view button on the task bar for quick switching between open files and quick access to any desktops you create.

Multiple Desktops
Multiple Desktops

They also borrowed a few leaves from Ubuntu and given users the power to have multiple desktops for different tasks and projects, users will also be able to pick up fro where they left off on each desktop.

The Windows 10 Tech Preview 10 will come in Technical Preview tomorrow through the Windows Insider Program for IT pros and early adopters. Unfortunately there was no word on pricing for windows 10. The full consumer release will be available in Early 2015.

Update: The Technical Preview is now available for download



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