Airtel Uganda has been at the forefront in regards to partnering with companies and fostering innovations that are aimed at improving the lives of their customers. With innovations such as; sending and receiving money across networks, Airtel Money ATM withdrawals, Bank integration, bill payments with Airtel money, Airtime topping up using Airtel Money and now KCCA fee payment using Airtel money, Airtel has always had the interests of their customers at heart and has tried to cater to all of them despite their different locations and economic activities.

With the new KCCA fee payment, Airtel is now ensuring that taxi drivers and owners, business people and property owners can tend to their businesses and pay their dues without having to worry about the time spent lining up at banks and at KCCA offices.

Speaking at the launch event, the Airtel Uganda Managing Director Mr. Tom Gutjahr said that Airtel Money is expounding on its product range to bring ultimate convenience in money transfers to all its customers. The benefits of this KCCA fees payment solution include:

  1. 24/7 convenient payment solution (anywhere, anytime) – currently they have to go to DFCU or KCCA offices – this time, all they need is a phone with an Airtel Money account.
  2. A customer can pay in installation with Airtel money they can pay with the small amounts as they get it.
  3. Security – the customer receives a payment receipt which he can present when the KCCA enforcers attack him for not having paid yet he did. He will show them that receipt or go to his Airtel Money account, select KCCA, and a balance he owes KCCA will show, if cleared, he will have zero balance.
  4. Simple and instant.

“We are excited to, once again, introduce a unique service for our customers to show our appreciation for their trust in our Airtel Money platform,” Gutjahr added.

KCCA Executive Director expressed confidence that Ugandans will enjoy and embrace this new innovation which is definitely going to make everyone’s lives easier. “We at KCCA are equally excited to introduce this payment method in partnership with Airtel Uganda. We encourage all the business and property owners as well as all the taxi drivers to join Airtel and take advantage of this new innovation to ensure that their dues are quickly and conveniently paid,” she said.

To use the Airtel Money KCCA fees payment solution;

  1. Dial *185#, Select Option 4 Pay Bill
  2. Select Option 6 KCCA
  3. Pay KCCA
  4. Enter Your Reference ( Taxi Number Plate )
  5. Enter Amount
  6. Enter PIN