ShrtUrL just made sharing Internet hoaxes easier


Some users who have always had doubts in links posted on social Media using short URLs are going to have more doubts about fishy looking stories because a new web service called SHRTURL just made website defacing quite easy. enables users to enter a website url and edit a framed version of any website that doesn’t have fancy javascripts, and you when you are done altering headlines and images, on your popular news websites their is a done editing button that a short URL is given to you. Well the edited pages have nothing to show that they have been altered so sharing fake stories will be very easy, considering that Ugandans love spreading hoaxes, this might worsen things.

Am told you may not mess with certain websites but who care your prank will already make sense. They have even incorporated a popular url shortening service so that your story doesn’t look suspisious.


The fun ends after 48 hours since the short url links expire, but its enough time to make a good prank, and may be get you in a bit of trouble. We definately had some to play with we just want to see how much trouble we would get into.

Make sure you always check the address bar of any short urls you visit and make sure it is nothing like so that you are sure your source is legitmate.