eBay hit with major security breach, asks users to change passwords


The online marketplace (eBay) discovered a massive security breach which compromised a database with encrypted passwords, despite this, Ebay says there was no implication on the financial data of its users.

The hackers compromised log-in credentials for a few eBay employees which enabled them gain access to the corporate network of eBay which enabled them access the database with encrypted passwords. After several tests, Ebay determined  that there was no evidence of the security breach resulting in any unauthorised access to users credit card information because this data is stored in a different database in encrypted formats, it added that Paypal information is very secure since it is also separately stored and encrypted.

However, for security reasons are urged to change their passwords and Ebay will be sending out emails asking users to change their passwords and its also asking you to change your password if you used the same password you use on Ebay on other websites.

Update: The message asking users to reset passwords has been removed from their website but the breach has been confirmed so its better you changed your password