Apple wins case against Samsung but gets only $119.6 million


We all thought this would be a billion dollar case judging from the previous case of Apple and Samsung where Apple was rewarded $930 million in damages, this however was different.

After 3 days of intense debate from the jury, they had to decide that Samsung infringed on some of Apple’s patents and in fact all Samsung devices that were accused had infringed on at least one patent.

Apple was awarded $119.6 million in damages which is far wide from the $2.2 billion it was seeking. The Jury ruled that US patent that the Samsung phones had violated Apple’s Patent of ‘Quick Links’ , ‘Slide to Unlock’ which are US Patent number 5,946,647 and 8,046,721 respectively.
Judge Lucy Koh found that patents in relation to Universal search i.e US patent 6,847,959 and the background synchronization were not infringed upon.

The jury also awarded Samsung $152,400 in damages over the camera and folder organization patent which the jury determined that Apple had infringed upon, however Samsung was seeking $6.2 million in damages. The jury decided that Apple had not infringed another patent which was the “video transmission functionality.”

In a rather odd move, Samsung was found to have infringed on a patent but the jury had award no money for the infringement which made Judge Koh to ask the Jury to clarify the matter in half an hour but the Jury choose to return on Monday

Source: TNW