Samsung’s head of Mobile design resigns after bad S5 criticism


Chang Dong-hoon, the former head of Mobile design at Samsung, resigned after the Galaxy S5 recieved poor criticism and its design was not well appreciated by many.  Chang Dong-hoon is said to have filled his resignation last week, and is now replaced by his old VP, Lee Min-hyouk. Lee, acquired the nickname  “Midas” for large contribution in the design of the Galaxy series which has sold over 100 million units.

However according to Reuters, Samsung did not comment on the reshuffle and we can only speculate that the future design of the Samsung devices might change considering that the S series has had multiple patent lawsuits and the design of some device like the Not3 was found to be Tacky, S4  looked cheap and the S5 “dimples” didn’t look so nice and some dubbed  the gold S5 the ‘bandage edition’.