Facebook News Feed went blank and the world didn’t end!


The world’s biggest Social network in terms of users ‘Facebook‘ went blank and failed to show what was on our minds for nearly  5 hours for users globally. Users could still access the website but all they could see were images and text showing “No content in this Feed”.

Even the mobile websites and app could not show the Newsfeed, and guess what users had to complain and since Facebook wasn’t showing their views they took their post to platforms like Twitter and Google+ to share their grievances with the social network.

Facebook NewFeed blank in the Iphone app (Image Credit: TNW)
Facebook NewFeed blank in the Iphone app (Image Credit: TNW)

Facebook hasn’t had the best run in terms of availability this year with Facebook owned WhatsApp also going down for a few hours and Instagram’s failure to post images for hours. Well i must be a problem of numbers, however Facebook has many engineers and should make sure this doesn’t happen very often considering that our social networks like Twitter and Google+ seem to be gaining users at a very fast rate.

Why we didn’t kill ourselves and why the world didn’t end?

Its 2014, ever service has a competitior and some competitors end up swaying users to their platforms, remember Telegram during the WhatsApp outage? Telegram’s audience grew greatly. So if you run an IT based product and it shuts down even for 30 minutes, just know competition will always smile.

Twitter, the microblogging website which is renown for spreading messages  and photos during major events and occurrences is where most users tweeted that Facebook was not showing its feed.

Of course, the world didn’t end for Facebook too!

The fix was later restored and users could view their News feed without  a problem

ImageCredit: TNW